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We sell K&S brand terminals.

All of our terminals are U.L. listed.

All of our terminals are Manufactured with Electrolytic Copper

Our terminals are tin plated or brass plated.

Un-insulated terminals are stamped with the wire range.

Insulated terminals are industry standard color coded. offers flat rate shipping, $6 for your order. We believe shipping shouldn't be a profit center.

Most orders ship the same day you when you place the order by 2:00 PM CST.




Adhesive backed Mounting Bases Category Bullet / Quick Disconnect Category Butt / Wire Connectors Category Butt / Wire Connectors Large Gauge Category Cable Clamps Category Cable Ties Category Double Male / Single Female Category Female Disconnects Category Flag Disconnect - Female Category Flange Spades Category Fully Insulated Disconnects Category Heat Shrink Terminals Category Heat Shrink Tubing Category Hook Terminals Category Locking Spades Category Male Disconnects Category Male Terminals Category Non Insulated terminals Category Piggyback Disconnects Category Quicksplice Connectors Category Ring Terminals Category Ring Terminals Category Spade Terminals Category Terminal Kits Category Tools Category Wire Nuts Category Wire Terminal Kits Category Wire Joints Category Three-Way Crimp Terminals Category Four-Way Crimp Terminals Category